Head of Year 11: Mr D Williams


At Court Fields School Year 11 is the result of many years work, our students need to be prepared to work hard, to achieve their desired grades. Students need to strive for high levels of attendance, punctuality and effort as well as becoming independent learners. To this end each student has been given the opportunity, at the beginning of term, to open a personalised Bitesize account online, to guide their revision and after hours study for their subjects.

Our students in Year 11 must always try to be positive, feel confident, be respectful to everyone, and give their best effort in all lessons. We realise that it is not always easy to achieve this and so students must make sure that they seek support and guidance from their timetabled subject teachers and tutor if they are facing any challenges or experiencing difficulties.

Key Information

Form Tutors

Form tutors are the first point of contact for any concerns or queries that you may have. The Form tutor will then decide upon the appropriate course of action required.

Below is a list of all year 11 Tutors. Should you wish to contact the tutor you can either telephone reception or write a note in your child’s planner. We aim to acknowledge your contact within 24 hours.

School Leadership

Head Boy Andrew Power Deputy Head Boy Matthew Caddick
Head Girl Milly Monteiro Deputy Head Girl Zaira Cordero


Katie O’ Connor Form Captain Ellie Styles Deputy Form Captain
Beau Bolton Form Captain Annika Freeman Deputy Form Captain
Codie Jenkins Form Captain Maddison Trott Deputy Form Captain
Libby Rowland Form Captain Jessica Horton Deputy Form Captain
Bethany Cook Form Captain Samuel Phillips Deputy Form Captain
James Cribbon Form Captain Jenna Martin Deputy Form Captain


Ben Slawson House Captain Harry Male Deputy House Captain
Samuel Phillips House Captain Federico Newland Deputy House Captain
Danny Nicholls House Captain Sam Poole Deputy House Captain


Grace Beal House Captain Amy Thorne Deputy House Captain
Leah Morrell House Captain Lauren Bate Deputy House Captain
Maddison Trott House Captain Bethany Cook Deputy House Captain


Ben Slawson Student Council Amy Thorne Student Council
Dexter Sanderson-Gough Student Council Alice Preston Student Council
Riley Sellick Student Council Maddy Chambers Student Council
Samuel Phillips Student Council Elizabeth Rayment Student Council
James Cribbon Student Council Jenna Martin Student Council


Andrew Power Peer Parliament & Student Council Isobel Finucane-Fenn Peer Parliament & Student Council

The Year 11 prefects run lunchtime clubs for the younger students at various points during the week where they can play games or just chat with their friends or the Year 11s.

The Year 11 Yearbook Team will spend the Autumn and Winter terms gathering information, photos and anecdotes about the Year group and their time at Court Fields School. The Yearbook is always a wonderful souvenir of their time with us.

The students will also have the opportunity to purchase a 2019 Court Fields School Leavers hoodie, the design planning and final decisions will be getting under way soon.

During the Spring Term the Year 11 students are busy planning their revision for Pre Public Exams (P.P.E.’s) and applying to the local Colleges. There is a broad selection of subject intervention and revision sessions held during lunch time, after school and during the Spring and Easter holidays. The Year 11 students will have had a number of presentations and sessions on how to revise, how to work out a revision timetable and how to combat stress.


Revision Tips

  • Revise in 25 – 30 minutes sessions, allowing a 10 – 15 minutes break to allow your brain a rest.
  • Reduce important lesson notes to key points that are easier to revise.
  • Make the revision timetable early! Organisation is a key part of revision.
  • Practice, practice, practice exam style questions! Exam technique – You need to be able to link and apply the knowledge or theory you have learnt to what the question is asking.
  • Meet your deadlines – know when assignments are due in and make the correct amount of time to complete them to a standard you are proud of.
  • Proof read work before a deadline – get draft work to your teacher early for comments and suggestions about how to improve.
  • You could invest in a wall-planner (or devise one of your own). Write all coursework deadlines and exams on it.
  • Create a quiet work space where you will be comfortable and not interrupted

The major non-academic item in the calendar for Year 11 students is the Court Fields School Leavers Prom. The prom occurs soon after, or near the end of, the G.C.S.E. exams. Along with the Year 11 students, the Head of Year and Form Tutors there are also many other members of staff who have been invited by the students. Preparations for the school Prom are always a lot of fun and require planning carefully. Remaining time is utilised with assemblies to deliver vital information, advice and guidance as well as our bespoke tutor programme to help students make the correct choices for the next stage of their education.