The Bus Drugs Family Workshop gives parents/carers the opportunity to work
with their young people to gain knowledge and understanding about all the
issues that revolve around substance misuse. This includes county lines,
substances, the reasons why people get involved in substances, how we can
deal with these situations and much more. The drugs bus can help aid
parents/carers to start what may be difficult conversations about the above
mentioned issues, It can help gauge what your Young person knows or needs
to know, all information is age appropriate. This is an interactive immersive
workshop that takes place on a double decker bus.

SSL Drugs Bus Poster

Resilience Voyage Ltd –

The Workshop is FREE as it
has been funded by
Somerset Learning and

The session will take place

Court Fields School

on 3rd Feb 2020 – 6pm – 7.30pm

Please email Mrs Westwood at your school if you
are interested in taking part in this workshop.