Mrs Barrett – Careers

Mrs Barrett has worked in further education for 12 years and has a wealth of experience and knowledge of post 16 options. She is currently employed by the school to support our students with careers matters in general, as well as provide advice, guidance and information to students via one to one careers interviews.

In an increasingly complicated world, students face an array of choices and options regarding their immediate post 16 destination and beyond. Students are not left alone to work through this maze, but can be supported by Mrs Barrett in terms of helping them to be better prepared for the careers, educational and training decisions they will be making in the short and longer term.

Each student will receive a 1:1 interview during Year 10/11 to guide them through the vast array of options available.  Students are also given guidance when considering GCSE option choices in Year 9. If your son or daughter would like to speak to Mrs Barrett they can do so by booking an appointment to see her. Parents are welcome to attend but need to contact Mrs Barrett to arrange a convenient time for all.

Our careers provider access policy can be found in our ‘Policies‘ section.

Useful Links:

Career Pilot – a free careers advice website for young people and a parent zone. – this website offers a range of information about apprenticeships for students and parents

Careers in construction – resource pack & worksheet

You will also find lots of links to other useful careers websites in the section ‘Life Beyond Court Fields’ including  a link to the National careers Service which provides general information about choices at 16:

It is also important to know the local labour market. There is a summary of labour market information for the South West on the Careers Office door but the following links provide further information: LMI for All –