We are very lucky to have a central, welcoming Learning Resource Centre.  The LRC was opened on the 22nd July 1993, since then it has been improved on a regular basis.

The LRC is bright and airy with plenty of seating, desks, computers and well stocked with fiction, non-fiction and reference materials including newspapers and magazines all that you would expect to find in a modern up-to-date Learning Resource Centre.

Students are allowed to use the LRC before and after school and during lunch or break times, also during lessons with a completed Task Sheet.  Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Opportunities Club is held, from 3.15 to 5.15.  This is the ideal time to complete any homework.

Students may borrow two books for two weeks

Learning Resource Centre Opening Times

8 am to 5.15 pm Monday -Thursday

8 am to 3.15 pm Friday


The Learning Resource Centre also benefits from having a library system called Reading Cloud. This can be accessed at home as well as in school. Reading Cloud has many great features including being able to check when books are due back.  Students can also watch video-links of authors talking about their books, add book reviews plus view thousands of educational websites.

Reading Cloud Informational Poster

Reading Cloud also has an app which is available from the app store and searching iMLS

Accelerated Reader

Court Fields School invests in this very successful scheme from Renaissance Learning in order to help develop your child’s reading skills and raise standards in literacy.  All year 7 and 8 students are participating in the Accelerated Reader programme.

Stationary can be purchased from the LRC

Pens                            10p

Fineliners                    40p

Pencils                        10p

Sharpeners                 10p

Ink Cartridges              5p

Erasers                        5p and 10p

Rulers                          5p and 10p

Pencil Case                 70p

Compass                     60p

Protractors                  30p and 60p

Colouring Pencils        £1.50

A4 Ring Binder            70p

Document Wallet         20p

Polypockets                 2p

A4 Box File                  £2.50

A4 Lever Arch File      £2.00

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.  If you would like to see particular book titles and resources added to the LRC please speak to Mrs Robertson.