Mathematics Curriculum

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At Court Fields, we believe that Mathematics is the key to students’ future success.  Our aim is to develop confident, resilient Mathematicians, who are able to use problem solving skills in their future every day lives.
Each year group has four hours of Maths lessons each week, with homework set to support learning in lessons.  In addition to this, we encourage our students to be independent learners by working on their personal targets on the online learning platform, Hegarty Maths.
Students will focus on topics from all strands of Maths; Algebra, Calculation, Geometry, Numbers and the Number System, Statistics and Probability.  The Curriculum has been designed to ensure that students’ build on their prior knowledge, progressing to more challenging aspects of each topic, building their confidence and allowing them to grow as Mathematicians.  We use Mastery teaching methods to ensure that students are confident in understanding the reasons why they are following a particular process, enabling them to understand the underlying patterns and structures behind the Maths, forming links within the subject and to other curriculum areas.
In addition to the curriculum time there are other enrichment opportunities for the students such as UKMT, a cypher challenge and a SmART club looking at the use of mathematical skills in Art.
At KS4 we are following the AQA GCSE 8300 Maths Specification.

“Miss Stephenson hosted a morning of problem solving tasks for students at our local primary schools.  The morning involved lots of great activities, requiring the students to work as teams, use their problem solving skills and really challenge their mathematical ability and test the depth of their understanding.  We are really looking forward to these students joining us in September.”