Year 11 students and their parents joined Miss Martin for a revision skills workshop during academic monitoring day. It was fabulous to see so many students working with their parents and focused on how to get the most out of their revision.

Some of our favourite revision strategies are below:

Flashcards Flashcards are an ideal way to record information in note form. At the workshop, parents and students made a flashcard for one of the GCSE poems studied and then played matching and testing games with them. Flashcards are a brilliant memory aid and playing matching games ensures students can articulate and explain the information they have learned.

Mind-maps Mind-mapping is a valuable tool for all subjects and help students to not only record and memorise, but also draw links between various pieces of information. Mind-maps are particularly useful for revising complex topics such as themes in a novel.

Using Exemplar Material When it comes to writing better essays, nothing beats practise – lots of it! Exemplar answers can help you judge how good your own writing is and what you need to do to improve it. There are banks of exemplar exam answers shared with all GCSE English students on Google Drive to help them target these areas.