Job Responsibility for a Peer Parliament Representative

Peer Parliament reps needs to have the following personal qualities so that they are:

  •   Reliable
  •   Responsible
  •   Friendly and approachable
  •   Good at listening to everyone
  •   Able to remember things
  •   Honest and sensible
  •   Hardworking

As well as these qualities a Peer Parliament rep will need to commit themselves to do the following:

  •   Attend meetings,  turn up on time and be interested
  •   Listen to the views and opinions of students and bring them to the meeting.
  •   Report everyone’s ideas and opinions even if they are not your own
  •   Bring ideas to the meeting that will make the school a better place to be
  •   Feedback information to your tutor group/house – through issuing the minutes.
  •   Wear your badge so people know that you are the rep
  •   Present some assemblies
  •   Represent the school at local or national meetings