Bowling on Sunday evening proved to be fun although the older boys had a lot of trouble with their bowling balls that refused to roll back to them. The girls did some amazing trick shocks including an incredible strike from an upside down/backward/through everyone’s legs position that could never be repeated if you tried. However the star was Marcus Brister-Thorne for a very entertaining practical joke.


A bit of a cloudier day today, after a night of decent snowfall. Everyone is still doing really well. Some raw footage of one of the beginners groups below and more to follow. Should Katiann (who’d just fallen over twice in the 5 minutes before this) really be waving her ski poles at the camera at this stage? Possibly, as wipe-out of the day for Sunday went to Kelly Poole who has had to wear a silly hat over her ski helmet all day.


Another cold day in the mountains, but another fantastic day skiing. The advanced group tackled a black run and one of the beginner groups skied all the way down the mountain for lunch, dropping down almost 1km in height. The locals celebrate Shrove Tuesday with doughnuts rather than pancakes, but the doughnuts are really full of jam and taste wonderful. In the afternoon we all went on the ‘rodelbahn’, an alpine toboggan run, and then continued skiing. Everyone had a go at a few jumps in the ‘dinosaur park’ with mixed success but to much laughter. Lots of pictures and video of these – but once again the wifi is rather slow tonight, so no visuals at the moment.

The evening entertainment was ice skating which proved popular – but possibly not as popular as a Pizza vending machine!