The Outdoor Club has just returned from the annual Snowdonia trip. This year we were based in the Ysgol Latymer Centre, at the end of the remote Penmacho valley, with nothing but the distant popping roar of the cars on the World Rally Championship night stage in the hills above the Centre for company on the first evening. Replete with Mrs Robertson’s delicious chilli, the students entertained themselves with board games and popcorn before settling down for the night.

Year Seven students Leyton and Gerald take up the story of the following day…

When we got to our destination (Tryfan) and parked up next to the mountain, we felt really small.


It looked like it would only take us a couple of hours as the top couldn’t be seen.


As we got higher the top didn’t seem to be getting any closer.


As we climbed up it was so fun we didn’t want to stop for a while but eventually had to for drinks and food. We came across a wall after a few hours.

We had the choice to go to the very top or to wait by the wall sheltering from the wind. Most people decided to go to the top which turned out to be really fun and tiring as the mountain sides (boulders)  got really steep.


When we got to the top it was really thrilling and nerve  racking, but it was also an amazing experience.


There was a huge boulder detached from the area of rocks where we were standing on and looking over the edge. As we were so high when we looked down, we saw cloud and fog.


On the way down we saw a beautiful lake which resembled Australia. We re-grouped with the others and started down the other side of the mountain towards the lake. Eventually we got to the lake and rested again but most of us had fun on the rocks in the lake. We carried on going down the mountain and nearer and nearer to the road at the bottom. When we got to the road we walked along it for a while to the buses and we were driven back to the hostel. We arrived there to find some lovely cake waiting for us!

Leyton and Gerald year 7