After our successful ascent of Tryfan, the group returned to the base for hot chocolate and another delicious meal of sausage casserole prepared by Mrs Robertson. Everyone enjoyed an impromptu musical performance led by Chris and Casey that made us forget our aching knees! Unsurprisingly, everyone went to bed quite a lot earlier!

The next day we headed off to Rhiw Bach mine. Year 7 students Starr and Becky continue the tale…

On our second day of our trip to Snowdonia, we got up and were put into groups for cleaning the youth hostel. After cleaning the whole house, we set of in our wellies and waterproofs for a fun day in the mine. First we met up with three instructors at the Conwy Falls café.


They ran us through the instructions about the mine and the activities that we would be doing. Next we got kitted out in to harnesses and helmets and jumped In the mini-buses and off we went to the mine.

When we finally arrived we had to walk up a steep hill to get to the entrance of the mine. We went through the woods and it was very muddy and wet!1a

Our first activity was paddling across a pool of water that was 90ft deep, we got in to small groups as the boat wasn’t very big and made our way across the pool, (Mr Jenkins was taking lots of pictures whilst we were paddling).


We made our way into a second opening in the mine, the activity was a zip-wire across a 30ft drop of water! Gerald went first and completed it with ease, the second person to cross was Becky who also made it across safely. Then there was Starr and Esme! Unfortunately they didn’t manage to make it across and didn’t grab the rope! They fell back down the wire and had to be pulled across by Erica, one of the instructors!


Everyone else made it safely. Our third activity was abseiling!

Firstly we had to climb up a steep incline…


Erica and Miles helped us connect our cowstails to the rope then after that we abseiled down the wall and moved on to our next activity.


Our final and fun activity was climbing up waterfalls!! The first incline was the easier of the two and everyone climbed up it well, whereas the last waterfall was steeper.


It had metal steps going up the side and the water was gushing dangerously down the edge. It was difficult moving the cowtails from one section of the rope to another, but we all mangled and no one ended up falling. When Lisha and Hannah were climbing out Elise kicked a piece of slate that was holding the water in from entering the mine. The water then gushed rapidly on to Lisha and Hannah! (Hahahaha – typical Elise).


After that we head down the slate paths/hill back to mini-buses. After a long day of mining we could finally relax and back to the hostel and collect our bags to travel home again. (Going to be a long journey)

By Becky and Starr

Many thanks to the teachers who accompanied the students and especially to Mrs Robertson who worked so hard to keep us all well fed. Thanks also to the year 7 students who wrote the trip up for the website while they were away.


[Mr Jenkins’ pictures of the trip will be available to all participants and the families via Google Drive]