We are about to start running a times table challenge for all students in years 7 to 10.  We all know how important the times tables are for maths, how they are used in all sorts of different topics, but how often do we actually practice them?

As with any skill, if you don’t practice it, you will lose the ability to recall them quickly and effectively.  Having and maintaining fluency with your times tables reduces the load you are placing on your brain when tackling maths problems that use them, freeing up valuable calculation space for other parts of the problem.

To encourage our students to practice these times tables we are launching a new challenge.  Every student who completes each times table at least 5 times between now and the Christmas break will be put into a prize draw.

There will be one prize in each year group.  To complete these times tables they will need to log in to the PiXL maths app on either a phone, tablet or computer.  They can then choose to do them as timed quizzes or in games against other people.


We hope that they will enjoy these challenges and we look forward to seeing their progress!