At Court Fields we offer students a range of walking challenges and outdoor pursuits opportunities.  We believe that these challenges help to develop resilience, perseverance as well as developing fitness and a love of the great outdoors.

Yr7 Blackdown challengeOvernight camping experience on the Blackdown hills.
Yr7 Activity camp during the last week of the summer term.
Yr8/9 Exmoor challengeTraining days leading up to the 16 mile competition which takes place during the first weekend in May.
Yr9 Dartmoor challengeMay
Yr7-9 North Wales residential – Mountains and minesResidential trip to an outdoor centre in North Wales.  Climb a mountain in the Snowdonia national park and explore an underground cave system in a disused slate mine.October/November
Yr8-9 Activities week
Yr10 Ten Tors 35 mile teamTraining throughout the year leading to the challenge in May.  Potential team members need to demonstrate walking experience and a high level of commitment to take part.