Accelerated Reader has had a significant role in developing the love of reading and literacy in our school.

Accelerated Reader is a software tool that assess your reading level, suggests titles at that level, and assess whether you have completed reading the book by asking a series of questions.  The software provides information to students regarding reading rates, amount of reading and other factors related to reading.

In years 7, 8 students at Court Fields School all use Accelerated Reader.  It’s a targeted program which improves reading age through regular tested independent reading.  Your child will be assessed and given a level and will then be able to choose freely from the range of books at that level.

Once they have read the book your child will take a quiz to assess their understanding of character, key themes, plot and language.  A pass will mean they are making progress by having points off their target.  100% will earn two house points not merits.

Students will read in school but will also be expected to read at home for at least 20 minutes a day.  They will not progress otherwise.  You can check on your child’s progress by signing in to Home Connect.What is Home Connect?

Accelerated Reader is highly successful at improving reading ages – but more importantly, it’s fun!  Students are able to try new, exciting books, discuss their reading with others and have the guidance of their English teacher and Mrs Robertson LRC manager.

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