Court Fields School GCSE Results 2019

Students at Court Fields School have been celebrating a fantastic set of GCSE results with over a quarter of the cohort achieving at least one or more grade 7-9.  English & Maths saw an increased number of students achieving a good pass, with 14 students gaining the top grades 8 & 9 (equivalent to the old A* and above).

Special mention must go to the Monteiro twins, Milly and Zach, who achieved the highest grades in many subjects with ten grade 9s between them.  Millie said “I’m so happy with my results and would like to thank the teachers for their support and belief in me.

This year 10% of students achieved one or more grade 9 (higher than the old A*).  This is a fantastic achievement, especially given the new grading systems and more rigorous exams.  22 students achieved grades 7- to 9 in three or more subjects and 17 students (12% of the cohort) achieved 5 or more grades 7 to 9.


Science celebrated improvements across the board from 2018, with an amazing seven grade 9s in Biology. Over half of our ‘Triple Science’ students achieved grades 7 to 9 (Biology, Physics and Chemistry).  Andrew Power, Adrian Adamiec and Zach Monteiro all achieved straight 9s across all three sciences, testament to their commitment and hard work throughout the course. Andrew said, “Working hard from the start has paid off.  I’m very happy with my results and I’m looking forward to the next step in my career”.

Students in Spanish and Geography also performed strongly in their exams with over 75% of the cohort achieving grades 5 and above, with a further 20% achieving the top grades 7 to 9.  PE saw a significant improvement with nearly 80% of students achieving grade 5+, with 35% achieving grades 7 and above.  A record five students celebrated grade 9 in PE, a fantastic achievement across both practical and academic aspects of the course.

Acting Headteacher Mrs Matthews said “we are very proud of all our students who have worked hard for their results.  I have been delighted to see students, staff, parents and our community working together over the last few months.  Congratulations to Milly, Zach, Andrew, Adrian and Emily Cartwright on their fantastic results: achieving such high grades takes hard work and dedication. In addition, I would like to say well done to Ben Lilley, Tom Evans and Caitlin Matthews who not only achieved very high grades but also made outstanding progress over their time at Court Fields.  I would like to thank everyone for their support of the school and I look forward to building on these results in the coming year.”

Court Fields School GCSE Results 2019